Thursday, October 26, 2006

Post from yesterday that I forgot to publish

Yesterday's word of the day was "dork." Here are some of the ways in which it was used throughout the day, most of them directed towards me.
  • Me to a friend coming to sit at our lunch table: "Help me, I'm surrounded by dorks." Her reply: "Newsflash, hon, you are a dork."
  • Me asking a friend an innocent question: "J, what kind of sandwich do you have for lunch today." His reply: "You are such a dork." (He had a cheese sandwich, by the way.)
  • And later, me to J after finding out who he was dating: "Oh, you're such a dork couple."
Also, this one isn't a dork quote, but it is amazing nonetheless. I was talking with two friends about weird family habits. C.C. says in her family they call rotisserie chickens magic chickens. I ask if that was something her parents made up when she was little to explain to her how the chicken was already cooked when they brought it home. And the other friend says, "Like sex?" I think this was in reference to explanations your parents make up when you are little, but I was laughing so hard that I didn't get the chance to ask. I know, my friends are pretty awesome. Thanks, guys.

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