Sunday, August 19, 2007

ADL disaster makes front page

The front page of this morning's Boston Globe featured an article on the disagreement over the Armenian genocide which resulted in the firing of Andy Tarcy. The national ADL, led by Abe Foxman, refuses to condemn the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in what is modern day Turkey. ADL does not want to compromise Turkey as one of the only Muslim supporters of Israel. Despite the national position, the New England division of ADL made their own decision to condemn the genocide and encourage legislation urging Turkey to do the same. This information was released by Andy Tarcy in a letter to the Globe.

All this is the result of a conflict between the New England division of ADL and the Armenian community in Watertown, MA. ADL runs a community program called "No Place for Hate" which Watertown withdrew involvement from after finding out that it was sponsored by ADL and that ADL had not recognized the Armenian genocide. Watertown has one of the largest Armenian communities in the country.

On Tuesday I leave for Camp IF, an interfaith youth leadership program also run by ADL. Through this program last year I was able to get to know Andy very well and recognized what an amazing human being he is. Without his support the IFYLP and Camp IF would never have experienced the great success that is represented by this summer's program. I am sure that everyone at Camp IF is thankful for the amazing experiences that Andy has made possible for all of us, fully funded. This morning's article described Andy:
Tarcy provided "moral leadership" and surely would have invigorated a new geration of ADL members in New England if he had been given the chance.
There is no question that Andy did inspire a whole new group of young people to work towards the bridge-building goals the ADL holds near and dear. We support Andy in his decision to do the right thing and will work toward righting this wrong. To everyone in the organization who may mistakenly think that the teenagers of the IFYLP are the future of ADL, let me correct you. We aren't the future, we are the present, and you have become the past. Please read the article here and join the Jewish and Armenian communities in supporting Andy Tarcy and the New England division of ADL in their quest to right this terrible wrong.